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Here at Scott Michael Media we are more than just a video creation company. We want to understand your business, your customers, and your vision. We work with our clients to not only come up with the video package they need but the marketing and distribution plan to back it up and get results for their business.


Read more below on what to expect during this process:



To deliver the best possible content to you (the client) it's important to get it right from the start.  We spend time with our clients before production starts to get to understand their vision, their business, their customers and their needs.  This enables us to create not only the best video possible, but a marketing and social media plan to best utilize it as well.


Pre-production can include but is not limited to: in person meetings, site visits, storyboarding, hiring talent, scouting locations, etc.




This is where the excitement starts to build, seeing your video concept come to life on the screen in real time.  This phase typically involves sound recording, lighting, camera operation and directing.  The utmost focus and care is taken to get this step in the process right the first time to capture the intended message.



Post Production


Editing is where the vision finally comes together.  Culling through hours of footage, weaving together a compelling story, sound design, motion graphics, visual effects, music licensing, color correction and color grading are just a few of the important steps we go through to make sure your video stands out.


The work doesn't stop there.  Once your video (or video package) is completed, we use the marketing plan we created with you in Pre-Production to properly place your new video asset(s) to obtain the desired results.

Client Testimonials


"Scott Rippey is an incredibly professional and talented cinematogerapher and videographer.  He captures scenes in a way that brings the subject to life.  He also keeps on top of video industry trends to provide helpful instruction in staging an amazing filming studio setup out of everyday environments and coaches talent on how to interface with the camera for the best possible results.  I highly recommend Scott's video production and video editing services."


-Jacquelyn Adams Award-winning CEO / Blogger / Vlogger / IEEE Senior Member


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